Top 7 Smart Ways to Troubleshoot Discord RTC Connecting Error

We all are well aware of this fact that connecting to each other and socializing are the topmost priority in today’s world. This is the reason that digital platforms like Discord are so famous and popular these days. 

To explain better, Discord is a digital platform which allows you to connect with your friends, family and colleagues over video calls, voice chatting and text messages.

It has always amazed it’s users by the super cool features that it possesses. Screen sharing, conferencing and a lot more are the qualities that attract people to use it. 

Recently, many of the users have found out a problem, regarding discord RTC connecting. This problem led them to think over if discord is the worst platform for connecting or not.

Generally, discord RTC connecting occurs at the time of connecting with the server of the person one is trying to connect to. 

This simply means that there is a connection issue that is faced by discord’s router and this leads the users to get angry. But don’t worry folks!

Here we are, presenting to you all the super smart 6 ways with which you can troubleshoot this error in no time. So, hang in there! 

Causes Triggering RTC Not Connecting Error 

The reasons that are there behind the discord RTC connecting error are few. Have a quick glance below before you jump in to the troubleshooting part as it is very important for you to know the reason why you are struggling with the discord RTC connecting issue. 

  • Technical glitches in discord RTC connecting 
  • Technical glitches in the networking system 
  • Existence of firewall in the system 
  • Existence of VPN 

This being said, the accurate reasons for this error is not identified yet. These factors lead to the RTC connecting error.

Whatever the reason is, we take the responsibility to resolve your issues. Keep in touch! 

How to Troubleshoot RTC Discord Not Connecting Error 

As promised, we have reached the troubleshooting part where you will learn the tricks in just a few minutes. So without any further delay, let’s begin! 

1: Restart the modem along with your computer or Router 

As stated above, one of the major reasons behind RTC connection error is the network issue, you should head with restarting your router in order to troubleshoot this issue.

To start with this part. We recommend you to turn off the switch of your computer and also disconnect the router.

This is needed to reset the settings of your networking system. Once the networking system is set right, you can surf the internet smoothly and also the RTC connecting discord error will get resolved. Follow the steps below in order to reset the network. 

  1. Click on the “power button” of your computer. When you will be shown with an option called “restart”, click on that. 
  2. Or else, you can manually restart your computer by turning it off then turning it in after a few minutes. 

Note: This needs to be stated in this context that some of the brands don’t provide their users with a power button on the modem. In that case, you will be required to put an extra effort by “unplugging” the router from your computer. This particular process will force the router to resolve its networking issues and hopefully the RTC connecting discord will be resolved. 

2: Throw out antivirus from your system

Are you the one who has got antivirus installed in the system? Then chances are there that you are getting to face this Discord RTC connecting error pretty often. This is because antivirus software has the power to analyze the “incoming and outgoing” traffic on the network. According to their gut feeling, they block the access of the third party entry.

disable antivirusChances are there that the antivirus that you have got installed in your system has blocked the network server of discord. But hey, relax! With our guide you can easily troubleshoot this issue in just a few minutes.

Pay attention below

  1. Scrutinize your system and try to highlight the antivirus software that may be playing the role of threat to the discord server. 
  2. Once you are successful in identifying the software, select that software and look for the delete option or uninstall option. 
  3. Another trick you may apply is go to the “Settings” option in your system and enter “Discord” into the “White List” Section.

By this you will be able to block the antivirus that is preventing the discord server to connect to your system. This being said, the antivirus software do not allow the users to whitelist any application without their consent.

In that case, what you can do is hit the “disable” option so that the activities of that antivirus software is stopped for some time. Meanwhile you can check if the RTC connecting error is still there or not.

If you find it there, maybe you should proceed with the other tricks mentioned below. 

3. Disconnect the VPN

One of the main reasons behind RTC connecting error is the VPN connectivity. If you are the one who uses VPN and is facing the same issue, then chances are there that it is due to the existence of VPN at your place. 

disable VPN

The server of your discord platform analyzes the User Data-gram Protocol which is often renamed as UDP. And after that only it allows its users to operate any function. The main problem is that the servers of your VPN don’t function like that and this is where the mismatch occurs and you get to face discord RTC connecting errors.

If this is the case then this troubleshooting part will be appropriate for you. 

  1. In order to fix the RTC connecting discord “no route” fix, you are required to disconnect the VPN from your place as the existence of VPN will never allow you to operate the functions smoothly in Discord. 
  2. Next, you go to the person from whom you got your VPN (vpn PROVIDER), and ask him if they can enable the UDP option in your VPN.

If this works for you than great! Your problem is resolved my friend! 

4: Turn off the “Quality of Service High Packet Priority” Connectivity from your Discord 

The next troubleshooting part suggests you to “disable” the Quality of Service High Packet Priority option from your discord problem. Some of the users have reported that errors in discord settings lead to discord RTC connecting errors pretty often.

Disable Quality of Service High Packet Priority in Discord

In that case, all you have to do is rectify the settings in your discord. Quality of Service High Packet Priority is a kind of option that enables you to check the services of the quality provided by discord. For instance, you can test its sound quality. This being sad, all the information in discord is translated in the form of packets. 

5. Try checking the admin network 

Chances are there that you may be facing the RTC connecting errors due to the admin networking system. With that being said admin networks have the power that they can block access to any software program. 

This needs to be stated in this context that users who are connected through a public network or network of a private organisation face RTC connecting errors. Therefore you need to pay attention to this troubleshooting section so that your Discord RTC connecting error is fixed. 

Check whether Discord is blocked by the Network Admin

The first thing that you will have to do is launch the run box into your system. to start the dialogue box all you have to do is click the “Windows + R” button together on your system. After the dialogue box is open, write the control panel and hit the OK button.

You will be shown with the list of options now from there you need to click on networks and internet option and immediately proceed with Internet and sharing center. This will let you see all the networks that you are connected to. scrutinize the list and pick the name that you are connected to and select that.

This being said it will be easy for you to find that particular network that you are connected to as it appears to be focused in the color blue. this will let you enter to the Connection Properties Window.

Now under the activity sections you will have to look at the properties option and select that. Then select the “Internet Protocol Version” to 4 (TCP/IPv4) , that will be right there in the list. with that you will be headed to the DNS settings page which will allow you to change the settings by clicking on the option “Use the Following DNS Server Addresses”. 

The last and final step in rectifying the DNS server settings is, entering the DNS servers that are mentioned below

Preferred DNS Server “” 

Alternate DNS Server “” 

Make sure you hit the “OK” button after you changed the settings. Now, see if the Discord RTC connecting error still exists. 

Alternative ways to troubleshoot discord RTC connecting Error 

After you have performed all the above mentioned steps, it’s time for you to check on the other tricks in case you are still struggling with Discord RTC connecting. Have a look, try changing the voice server network on your discord and try clearing the cache from DNS.


“No route error” is a common problem faced by discord users which is indeed very irritating. With that being said this article was made with an intention to help you find the solution to discord RTC connecting error. you are suggested to follow every step with proper care and hopefully your problems will get resolved. Happy surfing folks!


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