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Watching movies online and streaming interesting videos on the internet, is the latest trend that the world follows. Talking about movies, movierulz is one platform where the viewers can download movies for free. One of the main reasons that streaming online videos is so popular nowadays, is the comfort that the viewers get by watching their favourite movies in their homes. 


In India, there are several web platforms like that contain various kinds of movies. They almost have movies of all ranges starting from Bollywood to Hollywood, everything! As Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies are also in high demand in India, these platforms also offer dubbed versions of these movies to it’s viewers so that they can enjoy Telugu movies online as well. 

To have a better understanding of these platforms, this needs to be stated in this context that there are illegal web platforms as well. Illegal web platforms are the ones that display movies without the consent of the filmmakers. Movierulz apk comes under this category of illegal movie showing websites. 

Despite being called an illegal website in India, movierulzfree is very famous especially for portraying Telugu and Tamil movies alongside Hindi and Hollywood cinemas. 

This particular movie site offers a wide range of movies to its viewers. The main thing that attracts the viewers is its simplicity. The website of Movierulz, is designed in a way so that people don’t get confused about how to operate the functions. In order to be more specific, this is kind of a public torrent. Moviesflix basically reveals “pirated movies”.It is known to all that pirated movies are completely illegal and for showcasing them, the websites need to have the permission from the filmmakers. 


Though the Indian government had implemented several rules and regulations so that film piracy could be stopped. However, the Indian government has failed to do so and the number of pirated websites are increasing each passing day. By entering the website, viewers will get to see many movie options of all religions. After that, viewers need to look for their favorite movie by searching it’s name on the search bar. When the movie arrives, viewers need to click the correct downloading option based on their preferences. Yes! It’s that easy. 

This is the reason, these kinds of torrent websites are so popular these days. It’s easy options and downloading procedures attract people to go for pirated movies. Film piracy is illegal and prohibited by the government in every state. This being said, the film committee took several steps before to stop these kinds of unethical behavior. However, they could not stop their films from getting pirated.

As every story has two sides. There are also two aspects of these kinds of websites. One is indeed positive, and the other is negative. In the case of, the positive side is that people get to see and access to their favorite entertaining contents very easily because of the availability of piracy websites. 

Along with that, viewers get comfortable while watching the films as they watch them while sitting into their houses, which brings them pleasure. 

Last but not the least, the money factor that is involved in it, gets saved. People tend to watch movierulzfree without paying any amount for it. Having said, there are quite a lot of negative aspects which are tinged to it. One of them is privacy issues. 

It has been reported by many website users that after downloading a film or accessing these piracy websites, they went through several privacy issues which indeed threatened them. Another problem that arises by Telugu movies online is that, people get used to it and feel reluctant from watching movies in the theaters. Lastly, websites like movierulz apk, influences the viewers in a way, that they do not realize that they are somehow supporting these illegal businesses that are being done almost everywhere in this world. 

movierulz apk download
Movierulz Apk Download

However, this fact can not be changed that movieflix is one such website which is accepted by the Indians as they too prefer watching movies on their phones or electronic gadgets by downloading them. In addition to that, there are very few reports that are against movierulz that people are getting to see unusual activities in their phones after they visited this website. There are standards set by every piracy website and this needs to be stated in this context that the standard of movieflix is much higher than the other piracy websites. 

The most famous items that are there in movierulz apk is Telugu and Tamil contents. Though there are contents of every religion, this website is visited mostly for Tamil and Telugu movies. Reports have further stated that the easy selection process of the languages is also another thing that people find it simple to use Telugu movies online. 

Besides movies, there are web series and TV shows available on moviefilx. The reason is that the demand for web series is really high these days. Apart from movies and web series, new TV shows are also available on 

The filmmakers and the production houses are trying their best to stop these illegal actions because they are the ones who are facing loss due to these reasons. Movierulz apk releases the latest contents before the release date of the movies and web series. Even cases have been reported that Telugu movies online tend to release the movies, web series and TV shows before the release date. In case they fail to do so, they at least try to upload the contents soon after they are released. 

Movierulz mirzapur free download
Movierulz Mirzapur 2 Free Download

As films and web series are easily available on Movierulz, people are more interested in watching them by downloading. The websites like Movierulz Telugu encourage people to support them in this authenticity. However, film actors are also trying their best to convince the viewers that they should not participate in this crime as it is not legal. 

There must be fair reasons that these websites are in demand, but this being said people who visit and access these websites need to understand the seriousness that this is not right. Movierulz is spreading happiness into the viewer’s life but by following the wrong path. 

In the end, the viewers are suggested to be sure about the websites they are accessing as it concerns their privacy. They should have adequate knowledge about before they make up their mind to get used to it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Is Movierulz safe to use? 

Ans: The answer is no. Movierulz is not safe to surf as it leaked movies and web series illegally. People may get into trouble by using these websites. 

2. How long does it take to upload a new content by Movierulz? 

Ans: There is no specific timing that is followed by Movierulz. It intends to publish the Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and English movies, soon after they are released in the theaters. 

3. Are there any chances to get the system hacked by Movierulz?  

Ans: Yes. There are threats in using this piracy website as it is not authentic. This can cause system corruption, data loss and privacy issues.

This article was made with an intention to create the awareness of torrent websites like Movierulz for watching Telugu movies online so that viewers can have the better idea of what’s right and what’s wrong. Wish you a very happy and safe surfing!

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